About Us

LIAKO TECH CORP. was established in 1997. We are fortunate to have support from all walks of life. We have been operating for more than 20 years and has been operated with positive, excellent and perfect services.

[Main business] 

 1、Application, design, manufacture and mass production of               Teflon and various engineering plastics. 

 2、Design and manufacture of Teflon and metal heat exchange           equipment. 

 3、Application, manufacturing and mass production of quartz,             sapphire, ceramics and graphite. 

 4、Manufacture of silicone products (Disney certification), food           and medical rubber hoses, and mass production. 

 5、The dealer of 3M optical adhesive in Taiwan.  OCA Die-cut             manufacturing, mass production. 

 6、Design and manufacture of various processing machines.

[Our Strengths ]

Manufacturing (Factory): R&D and design team to provide highly competitive products.              

Flexibility: Design/change according to customers' different needs.             

Technical support: We provide professional advice and process information on the use of Teflon and various materials.       

One-stop service: material selection (Virgin), drawing, sampling and testing, mass production, packaging and shipment.   

Domestic and foreign import/export: Customized packaging, pallet making, shipping to major factories in Taiwan, export port (FOB/CIF/EXW...... etc.).