EPDM Tubes 


EPDM rubber bare tube / EPDM rubber braided tube / EPDM rubber fixed tube / EPDM rubber water-cooled tube / EPDM rubber cycle hose for car / EPDM rubber antistatic hose 


EPDM Rubber(thylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber)(EPDM Rubber) is a synthetic rubber that can be used in many applications, such as EPDM bare tube, EPDM woven tube, EPDM shaped tube, EPDM water-cooled tube, EPDM car circulation tube, EPDM anti-static tube, etc. 

It has good heat resistance, light resistance, ozone resistance, steam resistance, weathering resistance, oxidizing solvents, and water resistance. It is also a very good electrical insulator. 

Resistant to high temperatures up to 150°C, also has good low-temperature properties and is still flexible at low temperatures up to -40°C depending on grade and formulation.

Aging resistanced, can be used in outdoor light for a long time. 

Properly formulated, it can be used outdoors for years or decades without degradation.

For pressure resistance needs, you can use interleaved yarn, or outer woven cover to enhance the pressure resistance.

It can be widely used in wire cladding, water cooling system of server, heat exchange circulation system of motorcycle, wind-blocking belt, window frame, water vapor radiator... etc. 

Any size can be made to order, please call us for more information.

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