Teflon Cooled Heat Exchanger

Teflon Cooled Heat Exchanger 


PTFE Teflon Heat Exchanger PFA Teflon Heat Exchanger 


【Teflon-cooled heat exchanger】

1、Made of imported raw materials such as DuPont(TEFLON),Daikin(FLON).  Suitable for heat exchange celluloid, acid copper plating,Acid tin plating, zinc plating, electrolysis, pickling, chemical plating, sun and oxidation, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other corrosive solution heating, cooling, evaporation, concentration. Heating, cooling, evaporation, concentration, extraction of any solution in electroplating surface treatment.

2、PFA, FEP, PVDF Teflon tubes are used. Higher stability. Softness, crack resistance and                        transparency.Temperature range between -180~260.  Can bend any shape, bend rate radius              ≥150mm. Electrical insulation.   Anti-aging properties for more than 10 years.

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