Teflon Heater 


Teflon Heater / Teflon Heater Teflon Heater / Teflon Reactor 


1、Selection of highquality stainless steel (S16US304 or SUS316)electric tube core jacket 

     Teflon tube (PTFE) system, strong corrosion resistance, suitable for all kinds of corrosive liquid heat 

2、Low surface power design (1.5w / cm²), to ensure that the product life.​

3、All heaters can be equipped with thermal protector or PT100 temperature probe to ensure product life and                  equipment safety. 

4、Because Teflon (PTFE) tube is resistant to strong corrosive and non-sticky, it is widely used for oxidation of                three acid polishing, chemical plating, electroless plating, electroless nickel plating, and a variety of
      demanding chemical heating. 

5、Can design a variety of structural forms, such as spiral, L-type, U-type, W-mosquito-type, combination and 
      so on. 


The location of the installation of electric heaters should be taken to prevent the deposition of solid solution in the heater surface, or the liquid is too thick, the liquid surface is too low due to poor heat dissipation 
surface Teflon tube (PTFE)

【Single Spiral Tube Teflon(PTFE)Heater】

【L-form Single Spiral Tube Teflon(PTFE)Heater】

【Plane Type Teflon(PTFE)Heater】

【L-form Plane  Teflon(PTFE)Heater】

【Single Spiral Tube Teflon(PTFE)Heater】

【Three Groups Teflon(PTFE)Heater】

【L-form Three Groups Teflon(PTFE)Heat】

【Three Tubes Teflon(PTFE)Heater】

【Six Tubes Teflon(PTFE)Heater】

【Nine Tubes Teflon(PTFE)Heater】

【Product Collection】