Teflon Spraying - Processing Service

Teflon Spraying - Processing Service  




Want to develop a chain business? Trouble with equipment maintenance? 

[ Mold Modeling - Design / Development / Regular Maintenance ]           

Layout design : According to the 2D and 3D drawings provided by the customer, layout design and layout planning will be carried out. 

Mold making/spraying : After the drawing design is completed, we will start the mold making and food grade Teflon spraying (long lasting type).            

Mass production and shipment: After the sample testing, we will proceed to mass production to ensure the usage in the chain stores.            

Regular maintenance: We provide complete maintenance/repainting service when the mold needs to be renewed.

 #Customized production according to customer's requirements, welcome to contact us. 

[ Mold Equipment - Refurbishment / Maintenance ]    

Equipment Inspection : Assist to disassemble the mold equipment and check the stability of the internal wiring.

Food grade spraying : Remove the old residue and use high quality Teflon food grade material to replace the mold with a new coating.    

Equipment maintenance : Renew the heat insulation layer and repair the circuit if the insulation layer is aging or the circuit is damaged or broken.    

New line up : After picking up the equipment, improve the production efficiency and extend the service life. 

Before Organizing

 In progress

 After finishing

                   Before spraying

         Finished product