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Teflon/PTFE/Teflon is made of 100% pure PTFE and has excellent chemical stability: high and low temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, high lubrication and non-stick performance, electrical insulation, anti-aging properties, and has a very low coefficient of friction. It has been widely used as sealing materials for various industries in various media environments.  

Teflon insulator / PTFE insulator / PTFE insulator inherent low loss and dielectric constant makes it an ideal insulating material for wires and cables: its unique porous structure minimizes loss and distortion and allows signals to be transmitted at near-light speed, and is thermally stable and mechanically flexible.   

Teflon insulator/PTFE insulator/Teflon insulator Characteristics

Teflon insulator/PTFE insulator/Teflon insulator The product has the advantages of good surface finish, good insulation performance, high electric breakdown strength. And chemical corrosion resistance, dielectric properties, weathering performance, non-flammable and non-stick, low friction coefficient, high temperature resistance (-180 ℃ ~ 260 ℃).  

Second, Teflon insulator/PTFE insulator/Teflon insulator Uses. 

Widely used in automotive, electronic communications, telecommunications, computers, test and measurement, national defense, aviation and aerospace markets, and many other high-performance, highly challenging areas, has become an important insulation components indispensable to modern industry. Meanwhile, PTFE high-frequency insulators have the advantages of good surface finish, good insulation performance and high electric breakdown strength, and are also suitable for high-frequency coaxial couplers, adapters, isolators, attenuators, terminators, mixers, circulators, distributors, computer network devices and various active and passive microwave communication devices, etc. 

Teflon insulator/PTFE insulator/Teflon insulator can also be specifically subdivided into. 

1. Insulation material for electric wire and cable   

2. Sheathing for the stator and rotor pilot tubes and thermocouples of double-water intercooled steam turbine generators   

3. microwave insulation materials for high-frequency and ultra-high-frequency communication equipment and radar   

4 printing circuit substrates and motors, transformers (including gas transformers) insulation materials

5. Insulation materials for air conditioners, electronic furnaces, various heaters and sulfur hexafluoride circuit breakers  Teflon insulator / PTFE insulator / PTFE insulator in a wide range of temperature and frequency, Teflon / PTFE / PTFE has excellent electrical insulation properties, so Teflon insulator / PTFE insulator / PTFE insulator can be widely used in the field of communications filters, connectors and other related devices, 5G communications flying rod, support base and other types of insulators are used in depth. 

Teflon insulator/PTFE insulator/Teflon insulator Applicable industries Fluoroplastic machined non-standard structural parts, widely used in electronic and electrical, communication equipment, semiconductor, household appliances, machinery manufacturing equipment, medical and chemical, automobile manufacturing and other industries.     

Teflon/PTFE/Teflon can also be used in the following specific applications. 

1. Anti-contamination machinery (such as textile, paper, pharmaceutical, food machinery) bearing bushings

2. machinery for transporting alkalis, solvents and other non-lubricated liquids (such as mixers, dyeing machines, pumps)

3. Sleeves working under corrosive environment such as acid, alkali (such as plating bath chemical equipment)

4. oil-prohibited lubrication (such as oxygen production equipment)

5. raw oil lubrication (such as ultra-low temperature refrigeration machine, liquid fuel pump)

6. Sliding parts working under poor oil lubrication (high temperature dryer, furnace noon, furnace conveyor belt)

7. Sliding parts under low speed and high load condition (movable bearing)

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