Teflon Gasket / Seal Series  


According to customer's drawing and sample, we can accept small amount of sample. PTFE gasket PTFE O-RING(O-ring)  


【Backup Ring】

When sealing fluid pressure is high or groove gap is too large, the back bracket ring can prevent twisting and deformation, and extend the service life more effectively.

【V-seal gasket】

The sealing effect is achieved mainly through internal pressure and the inner wall. Only low friction is required to achieve the effect.

【Lip Seal Gasket】

It can effectively resist corrosive liquids and various chemical solvents, and can be made into J-shaped, U-shaped, L-shaped, etc.

【PTFE solid O-ring】

Strong corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, better than other plastics, can extend the service life. (Also known as O-Ring, O-ring, O-ring)  .

【Product Collection】