Teflon PTFE Ball  


Teflon PTFE ball Teflon PTFE color ball  


Characteristics / Applications:

1、no mold line, no burr, smooth surface. 

2、Low friction, the lowest among all plastic products.     

3、Excellent high/low temperature resistance, chemical stability and corrosion resistance. 

4、Excellent electrical insulation. 

5、Excellent aging resistance, not affected by oxygen, ozone, UV light and fluorescence. 

6、Suitable for chemical, mechanical, electrical, military and aviation industries. 

7、Can be made into PTFE primary colors or other colors (red, yellow, blue, green, etc.)

8、Specifications Φ1.0mm~Φ110mm can be made. 

We can customize various sizes according to customers' requirements, welcome to contact us.