Engineering Plastic Processing  


All kinds of engineering plastic processed products PEEK/POM/PA/PVC/PP/PU/PE/UPE/ABS/acrylic... etc. According to customer's drawing and sample, we can accept small amount of sample.  


In addition to Teflon processing, we can provide all kinds of engineering plastics processing / sampling / mass production services. Such as: POM, PEEK, PP, PE, UPE, ABS, PVC, PPS... etc., can be made. Please provide us with relevant drawings, dimensions, tolerances, and production quantities for quotation.

【Service Flow 】    

Professional consultation: telephone or email contact.
Demand confirmation: drawing, sample size, tolerance, quantity.   
Sample production: testing, design changes.   
Quality inspection: ruler, projection tester.   
Mass production delivery: custom packaging, pallet shipment .

【Product Collection】