Teflon Processed Products 


PTFE processed products / PFA processed products / PVDF processed products / Teflon composite processed products According to customer's drawing and sample, we can accept small amount of sample. 


【PTEF/High-performance engineering plastic processing】

CNC machining all kinds of machinery equipment,Provide diversified precision processing technology.

Equipment: lathes, milling machines, punching machines, molding, injection molding, injection molding, mold opening services, etc.

All processed products can be customized proofing,

Mass production, welcome to call for inquiries.

Service flow 

1、Contact by phone or e-mail: personal consultation

2、Confirmation of requirements: drawing, sample size,

      tolerance, quantity 

3、Sample production: testing, design changes

4、Quality inspection: 2D development 

5、Mass production delivery: custom packaging, pallet 


【Product Collection】