Teflon Square Tube Multi-Lumen Tube

Teflon Square Tube Multi-Lumen Tube 





Mainly made of FEP or PFA and PTFE material, ROHS certified. It is mainly used in liquid crystal manufacturing installations, heat exchangers, steam piping, high purity reagent delivery pipes, various corrosive media delivery pipes, and insulating sleeves. It is suitable for the insulation protection and application release of cables and wires in these environments to protect electronic and electrical equipment from damage. 

Physical properties:  

Sterilization: steam sterilization, or dry heat sterilization . 
Resistant to high and low temperatures: working temperature up to 250℃,
Temperature range: -400~500℉(-240~260℃) Can work under +250℃ to -180℃ for a long time; even if the temperature drops to -196℃, it can maintain 5% elongation. 
Corrosion resistance: Inert to most chemicals or solvents, resistant to strong acids and alkalis, water and various organic solvents. 
Weather resistance: The aging life of all plastics is lower. 
High lubricity: Low friction coefficient among solid materials. 
Non-adhesive: Smaller surface tension among solid materials, does not adhere to any material. 

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