Teflon Spiral Tube

Teflon Spiral Tube 


PTFE Teflon spiral pipe/PTFE Teflon corrugated pipe FEP Teflon spiral pipe/FEP Teflon corrugated pipe PFA Teflon spiral pipe / PFA Teflon corrugated pipe 


【Applications 】

1、Excellent winding properties for applications requiring   
      smaller bend radii, compression processing (weaving) or
      compression resistance.  

2、Combinations of flanging, flanging, straight sections, or

      combinations of multiple optimized pipes are possible.  

3、All corrugated tubes can increase the anti-static


4、China's top brands, Japan's Daikin, U.S. DuPont, and U.S.

      3M are all suppliers of Teflon raw materials.  

【Characteristics 】

High and low-temperature resistance, -70°C~+260°C, acid and alkali resistance, non-stick, high insulation, low water absorption, non-flammability, non-toxic, weather resistance, soft, easy to bend.


1、Outer spiral corrugation (inner diameter of straight section

      = inner diameter of corrugation)

2、Internal spiral corrugation (straight inner diameter >

      corrugated inner diameter) 

3、Parallel Ripple 

We can produce various sizes up to 80mm inner diameter, welcome to contact us. 

【Teflon corrugated tube / wave tube / snake tube Type】

1、outer spiral corrugated (inner diameter of straight section          =     inner diameter of corrugation)  

2、Inner spiral corrugation (straight inner diameter >                       corrugated inner diameter)  

3、Parallel corrugation  

【Product Collection】