PFA Teflon Hose

PFA Teflon Hose 


For applications requiring higher clarity, flexibility and higher continuous operating temperatures PFA Teflon tubing is often chosen 


【PFA TUBE Teflon tube Characteristics】

●High and low temperature resistance FEP: -70°C~210°C / PFA: -70°C~260°C 

●Good non-stick property, no residual material on the tube wall   

●High electrical reliability, good insulating property

●Corrosion resistance, only high temperature fluorine alkali metal will react with it; other acids, alkalis, esters have no effect  

●Low water absorption rate <0.01%   

●Non-combustibility, non-toxic   

●High transparency, the lowest refractive index among all plastics   

●Weather resistance, can be exposed to ozone and sunlight for a long time   

●Meltable, easy for secondary processing   


【PFA TUBE Teflon Tubing Applications】

●Heat exchanger, steam piping   

●High purity reagent delivery tube  

●Various kinds of corrosive media conveying pipes  ●Various frequency wire and cable sheathing, slot insulating tube   


【PFA – Size table, pressure, anti-static】

【PFA TUBE Teflon Hose Specifications】

【Product Collection】