FEP Teflon Hose

FEP Teflon Hose 


When clarity, flexibility or lower melt temperature is required FEP Teflon tubing is often chosen. FEP Tube TEFLON Tube FEP Hose 


【FEP TUBE Teflon tube Characteristics】  

●High and low temperature resistance FEP: -70°C~210°C / PFA: -70°C~260°C 

●Good non-stick property, no residual material on the tube wall  

●High electrical reliability, good insulating property 
●Corrosion resistance, only high temperature fluorine alkali metal will react with it; other acids, alkalis, esters have no effect  

●Low water absorption rate <0.01%  

●Non-combustibility, non-toxic  

●High transparency, the lowest refractive index among all plastics  

●Weather resistance, can be exposed to ozone and sunlight for a long time  

●Meltable, easy for secondary processing  


【FEP TUBE Teflon Tubing Applications】 

●Heat exchanger, steam piping  

●High purity reagent delivery tube  

●Various kinds of corrosive media conveying pipes 

● Various frequency wire and cable sheathing, slot insulating tube   

     【FEP – Size table, pressure, anti-static】

【FEP TUBE Teflon Hose Specifications】

【Product Collection】